9th Canadian Artillery Bde Addendum to Operational Order 59. 8 Apr 1917

9th Canadian Artillery Bde Addendum to Operational Order 59.


SECRET                                                                                 COPY NO.



Addenda No 1


Operation Order No 59



SIGNALS       1. (a)  The S.O.S. Signal will be RED, either rockets or Very Lights.  As many as possible fired in quick succession.


(b) When objectives are reached the Divisional distinguishing flags will be waved NOT stuck in the ground.

Flags will be carried as below:-

3rd Canadian Division,   Black and Red.

2nd Canadian Division,  YELLOW flag with Black Maple Leave, Reverse Khaki.

4th Canadian Division, RED.


The 2nd Canadian Division are also using a signal of three WHITE Very Lights to denote that their objectives are reached.  The 3rd Canadian Division will not use light signals to denote their position.


  1. After reaching the final objective of the Division the 7th and 8th Canadian Infantry Brigades will arrange to push patrols forwards towards BOIS DE CHAMP POURRI (S.23.b.), PETIT VIMY and VIMY in order to ascertain whether the defences of these localities are occupied. The protective barrages will be lifted by order of Headquarters 3rd C.D.A. to enable this to be done.


H.G. Carscallen

Lieut. Col


Issued at       a.m.


TO: All Batteries

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