APPENDIX C 4 April 1917



April 4th 1917


Captain Cook

L.O. attached to 9th Can Infy. Bde.


Kindly convey to O.C. Groups who co-operated this morning the thanks of myself and all ranks for their splendid assistance. All reports from those taking part in the raid and observing, that the fire was well timed, splendidly placed and very effective.


(Sgd)  W.B. Evens Lt. Colonel

52nd Battalion






Eastons Group

Carscallens Group

Soccer Group

Hockey Group


Forwarded for your information.


Reports indicate raid quite successful. Our casualties, slightly wounded O.Rs 4.  Detailed report forwarded when available.



(sgd) Captain Cook

33rd Battery C.F.A.

L.O. 9th Can. Infy. Bde.

April 4th 1917

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