The Great War –April 1917

The Great War –April 1917

Battle of Arras

2nd April                                       Australians attack Norreuil

9th April –16th May                   Second Battle of Arras

9th to 12th April                         Canadian forces at the Battle of Vimy Ridge

9th to 14th April                           First Battle of Scarpe

11th April                                      First Battle of Bullecourt

15th April                                    Battle of Lagnicourt

23rd to 24th April                        Second Battle of the Scarpe

28th to 29th April                        Battle of Arleux

April                                              War in the air


The Western Front

16th April                                      Nivelle offensive began

17th to 20th April                      Battle of the Hills

29th April to 20th May               Series of mutinies in the French army

9th April                                       Victor Richardson, friend of Vera Brittain, badly wounded

23rd April                                    Geoffrey Thurlow, friend of Vera Brittain killed in action

30th April                                      Edward Brittain wrote to his sister hinting at patriotism wearing thin


Various Fronts

6th April                                        United States of America declares war on Germany

20th April                                      Evans of the “Broke”

April                                             U.S. Rear Admiral requested defence against German submarines


The Balkans

22nd April to 9th May               Second Battle of Doiran




The Eastern Front

April                                               Kerensky made member of the cabinet and Lenin returns from exile


The Caucasus and Middle East Campaign

17th to 19th April                           Second Battle of Gaza

April to October                       Stalemate in Southern Palestine


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