F Smith letter 27 March 1917

March 27th 17


Dear Albert & Affie,


There is not very much news to tell you, but thought I would write a few lines to let you know I am still merry & bright & feeling A.1.  I shall be glad when the summer comes it has been very cold here.  What is it like at Southend?

Have you heard from Father lately?  I have only had one letter & a paper from him since I have been here which is nearly a month now.

We are going to the 10th Batt: this time expected to leave to-day but it will be very soon now.

How does your new mechanic suit you I hope you are having an easier time now.

The daylight saving bill started last Sunday up as usual 5.30 which would be 4.30 in Blighty have to rise by candle light.

I shall be pleased to hear from you; address letters the same as usual they will be sent on if I have left here.

Well I think I must finish now.

Hoping you are all in the best of health.

With much love to you both & kisses for Joy

Your devoted


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