For the Month of FEBRUARY 1917

PLACE – G.9.b.2.8.

1.2.17.       9 p.m.        Visibility fair.  In the early morning there was considerably hostile T.M. shooting occurred.  Our T.Ms retaliated vigorously and quickly neutralized enemy’s fire.  At 3 p.m. this afternoon 6 hostile planes attacked two of our machines over the German lines.  One of our planes was disabled and forced to land in NO MAN’S LAND.


2.2.17.                         Visibility poor.  Very quiet day on both sides.


3.2.17.                         Visibility fair.  Enemy T.Ms quite active.


Our 4.5s Howitzer Battery bombarded several sensitive points in enemy’s lines with good effect.


4.2.17.                         Visibility good.  Our 18-pdr batteries fired upon and dispersed several working parties.


5.2.17.                         Visibility poor.  In the early forenoon enemy shelled our front line and supports with 77 mm and 4.1s.  Our batteries vigorously retaliated.


6.2.17.                         Visibility poor.  At noon today a hostile machine crossed our lines and succeeded in reaching ARRAS.  At that point he was engaged by our A.A. guns and driven off.


7.2.17.                         Visibility poor.  Both our own and enemy planes quite active.  For about an hour this morning our T.Ms actively bombarded enemy’s front line.


8.2.17.                         Visibility fair.  Both sides were normal today.


9.2.17.                         Visibility fair.  Our T.Ms intermittently shelled German lines throughout the day.  At 12.30 p.m. a small balloon drifted over from enemy’s lines.

10.2.17.                       Our planes were quite active throughout the day.  Our 33rd Battery blew up a heavily timbered dugout in one of the enemy’s craters.  It was reported that this was used as a Bombing Post.


11.2.17.                       Visibility fair.  One of our 18-pdr batteries engaged an advanced enemy Bombing Post obtaining a number of hits, two of which caused a large explosions.


12.2.17.                       Visibility poor.  Our medium T.Ms carried out a heavy bombardment of the enemy’s lines during the greater part of the day.  Early in the forenoon the enemy lightly shelled the left of our zone but immediately stopped upon our retaliating.


13.2.17.                       Visibility poor.  Both enemy and ourselves were unusually quiet on our zone.


14.2.17.                       Visibility good.  Our Medium T.Ms fired upon and set fire to a dugout in enemy front line.  Enemy aircraft has been quite active.


15.2.17.                       Operation Order No 50 was issued today.  This calls for systematic night bombardment of roads Communication Trenches etc in rear of the enemy’s lines with the object of wearing down his morale.  This will be commenced tonight and carried on until further orders.  An allotment of 76 rounds per 18-pdr battery and 68 rounds per 4.5 Howitzer battery has been made for this task.

In compliance with O. O. No 49 issued on 9th inst. a section of each of our batteries was relieved by a section from each battery of the 5th Brigade C.F.A.  The sections which have been relieved marched back to wagon lines at CAMBLAIN L’ABBE.


16.2.17.                       The relief of the 9th Brigade C.F.A. by the 5th Brigade C.F.A. was completed tonight.  In accordance with orders received from 3rd C.D.A. the Brigade moved tonight from present wagon lines to new billets at AMETTES.


17.2.17.                       Brigade in rest.  Syllabus of training carried on.


18.2.17.                                   do                                do


19.2.17.                                   do                                do

Operation Order No 51 issued today which calls for the 9th Brigade C.F.A. to be placed at the disposal of 1st C.D.A. to take part in a minor operation.

The Brigade will move off at 7.30 a.m. tomorrow.

20.2.17.                       The Brigade moved today from AMETTES to SAINS-EN-GOHELLE.  We arrived late in the afternoon and immediately went into the wagon lines.


21.2.17.                       Instructions received from Commander of North Centre Group, 1st C.D.A. for batteries to come in position this afternoon.  Brigade and Battery Commanders went forward this morning to make a reconnaissance of the new position.  All batteries were in position by dusk this evening.


22.2.17.                       Weather very foggy.  As a result we were unable to calibrate our guns but battery commanders visited their various O.Ps and studied the enemy’s lines as well as could be done under the circumstances.


23.2.17.                       Visibility fair.  Our batteries calibrated guns and registered as many points as it was possible.


24.2.17.                       Our 18-pdr batteries were engaged all day on wire cutting tasks.  Our 36th Howitzer Battery fired in the neighbourhood of 400 rounds at various strong points in enemy’s lines causing great damage to trenches and material.


25.2.17.                       Wire cutting continued.  Our 18-pdr batteries continued on wire cutting tasks with good results.


26.2.17.                       In the morning wire cutting was continued with 18-pdr batteries.  At noon orders were received to vacate gun positions at 4.00 p.m.  All batteries were back in wagon lines by 6.00 p.m. tonight.  O.O. No 52 issued ordering move of brigade from present wagon lines to old billets at AMETTES tomorrow morning.


27.2.17.                       Route March from SAINS-EN-GOHELLE to AMETTES.  The Brigade arrived at the latter point at 4.30 p.m.


28.2.17.                       3rd C.D.A. notified us today that an inspection of the Brigade would be made on March 3rd.  Batteries immediately started to prepare for this.

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