The Western Front

17th March            Bapaume taken by British forces

18th March            Peronne and Noyon occupied by Allied forces

24th March            Germans re-take Bapaume


Various Fronts

1st March            Zimmerman telegram published in the USA

12th March            United States Government announced arming all merchant vessels in the war zone

1st March             British hospital ship “Glenart Castle” damaged by mine in the Dover Straits

8th March              Count Zeppelin died

16th March            HMS “Achilles” sank German raider SMS“Leopold”

17th March            Resignation of Aristide Briand French Premier and Minister for Foreign Affairs

17th March            Resignation of Hubert Lyautey, French Minister for War

20th March            Alexandre Ribot succeeds Briand as French President

20th March            Paul Painlevé appointed French Minister for War

18th March            German destroyers raid on Ramsgate and Broadstairs

19th March            French Battleship “Danton” sunk by submarine in the Mediterranean

20th March            First meeting of British Imperil War Conference

21st March            British hospital ship “Asturias” torpedoed off Start Point

22nd March           German raider “Mowe” returns to Kiel from her second raiding voyage

30th March            British hospital ship “Gloucester Castle” torpedoed in the Dover Straits



10th March            Romanian Ecaterina Teodoroiu awarded bravery medals

17th March            Ecaterina Teodoroiu promoted to Second Lieutenant in Romanian army

11th March            Allied offensive in Macedonia to free Monastir begins

23rd March           Allied offensive in Macedonia ends

31st March         The Emperor of Austria makes secret proposals to open peace conversation

Eastern Front

8th March             Strikes and riots broke out in Petrograd (St. Petersburg)

11th March           Troops mutiny in Petrograd

12th March           Russian Revolution begins

12th March           Provisional Government formed in Russia

13th March           Prince Golitson, Russian Premier, removed from office

13th March           General Byelyaev, Russian Minister for War, removed from office

15th March           Nicholas II Tsar of Russia abdicates

15th March           Prince Lvov appointed Russian Premier

15th March           M. Milyukov appointed Russian Foreign Minister

15th March           General Guchkov appointed Russian Minister for War


The Caucasus and Middle East Campaign

7th March               British arrive at the Diyala River (near Baghdad)

11th March           Baghdad occupied by British forces

26th March            First Battle of Gaza begins

27th March            First Battle of Gaza ends


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