F Hammond letter 18 Feb 1917



Dear Mar & Par

Just a line to let you know I am Gogging along OK.  I received the parcel from Mr Tabor and sent them a letter of thanks.  Fancy I could hardly believe Gladys was vingt anne.  It seems impossible to think she has nearly reached her majority.  Hope we shall all be at home to celebrate that occasion anyhow.  Willie also must be feeling rather an old bird in fact your humble can’t call himself a chicken altho I feel younger now than I did avant la Guerre.  The thaw has set in now and of course everywhere’s muddy.  Would liked to have heard Par’s old march.  I’m beginning to think we were always a military family.  Even in pretty Billie’s days.  I suppose everything is under Govt. control now.  We still enjoy plenty of food so don’t think the U boats have made much difference up to now.  Suppose Geo looked OK.  He will have plenty to do if he comes out here as there’s plenty to do.  Has Geo Hand been sent out yet what is his address may be able to drop across him-  Well I think this is all this time hoping you are all keeping well


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