Defence Scheme 17 Feb 1917


Right Group No. S/540



The Brigade Major R.A.

3rd Australian Divisional Artillery.


Reference BM/S62




Section 6 Last Para.  It is presumed that “O.Ps” refers only to such O.Ps as are being used as Night O.Ps.  The establishment of telephonists does not permit of all O.Ps being manned at night nor do I consider that it would be of any value.


Section 7 Para 4.  as far as this Group is concerned it is impossible to establish visual signalling between O.Ps and Group Head Quarters


Section 14. Should not squares I.21. and I.27. be included in those allotted to the Right Group?  I presume that the 3rd New Zealand Field Artillery Brigade are responsible for O2 – 3 and 8 and I.26-31-32 and 33.


Section 16. Line 5.  Should not this read “from I.17.d.3.7. to I.9.c.6.4.”


Appendix I.  Right Group Head Quarters are situated at I.1.c.10.60.

Trenches on our Front are not now called by numbers. They are known by names of localities and Gaps.


Appendix II.  I.7.b.90.82. is incorrect.

I.7.b.98.98. 4 guns (2 others could be put in houses adjacent).   I.7.b.85.80. 2 guns firing North of our Front.

H.24.c.18.15. should be H.24.c.16.18.


Appendix IV. Night Lines of No 1 Howitzer of D/175 should be at I.27.a.43.85. instead of I.27.a.46.88.


Appendix V.  What is rate of fire please?


Para 1. 2 4.5” Hows. of H.E.6 should bombard Cross Roads and Trenches at Le QUESNE.


Appendix V. Para 2.  For I.16.b.6.0. to I.11.c.4.0. read I.11.b.6.0. to I.17.c.48.00..  For I.17.a.4.3. to I.11.c.4.0. read I.17.a.00.30. to I.11.c.48.00.


Appendix V. Para 3.  For I.21.d.20.48. read I.21.d.20.43.


Appendix VI.  H.T.M. position is I.15.c.99.76.

Maximum arc on Enemy Front Line I.22.a.25.51. to I.21.c.89.55.



Medium Trench Mortars.

Pin Point in Enemy Front Line.

POSITION                             ARC OF FIRE.

North               South

I.16.b.08.40.                            I.16.b.83.10. to I.16.d.60.96.

I.16.c.70.92.                            I.16.d.57.82. to I.16.d.20.36.

I.16.c.68.89.                            I.16.d.60.94. to I.16.d.20.44.

I.15.d.92.47.                           I.22.a.66.80. to I.22.a.28.57.

I.15.d.75.34.                           I.22.a.50.80. to I.22.a.10.41.

I.21.b.10.87.                            I.21.b.80.20. to I.21.b.14.11.

I.21.c.08.82.                            I.21.c.90.54. to I.21.c.48.11.

I.20.d.60.62.                           I.21.c.75.25. to I.21.c.16.00.

I.20.d.58.40.                           I.27.a.17.98. to I.26.b.99.82.


2 Positions firing into NO MAN’S LAND ONLY




Appendix VII.  Correction B/175 H.1.d.40.38.

Omissions H.Q. 175th Bde R.F.A. G.12.b.90.20.

175th Bde Amm Col A.29.a.00.30.


I.W. Le Cockroft

Major R.F.A.

Cdg Right Group Artillery


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