Target Zone Chart 14 Feb 1917

SECRET                     TARGETS                                                                  ZONE


Area (see map.)                       “I” R.H.A.                              A/175                                      B/175                                      D/175


Front Line I.22.a.45.75.          Front Line I.21.c.84.53.          Front Line I.26.b.80.60.             Front Line I.21.b.80.60.

to I.17.a.10.35.                        to I.22.a.50.80                         to I.21.c.92.57.                        to I.17.a.10.35.

RED                Communication Trenches       Communication Trenches       Communication Trenches            Communication Trenches

Support Lines within a line     Support Line within a line      Support Line within a line            Support Line within a line

From I.22.a.78.55. to              from I.21.d.20.25. to              from I.27.a.00.31. to               from I.27.a.00.31. to

I.17.a.28.25.                            I.22.a.85.59.                            I.21.d.26.30.                           I.17.a.28.25.


AREA within                          AREA within                          AREA within                          AREA within

I.22.a.78.55. to                        I.21.d.20.25. to                       Line from I.27.a.00.31.            whole of 18-pdr allotment

BLUE             I.17.a.28.25.                            I.22.a.85.59.                            to I.21.d.26.30.                       Communication Trenches

                        I.22.b.43.10. to                       I.27.b.94.60. to                       and DISTILLERY ROAD            CROSS ROADS

                        I.17.c.98.79.                            I.22.b.50.15.                            from I.27.b.99.65.                   HOUSES.

(DISTILLERY Rd)                (DISTILLERY Rd)                to I.27.c.78.40.

Communications                     Communications

Roads : Billets                         Roads : Billets

AREA within                          AREA within                          AREA within                          AREA within

I.22.b.43.10. to                       I.27.b.94.60. to                       DISTILLERY ROAD                        whole of 18-pdr allotment.

BROWN         I.17.c.98.79.                            I.22.b.50.15.                            from I.27.b.99.65 to                Communication Trenches

I.23.d.00.10. to                       I.28.d.50.25. to                       I.27.c.78.40. and line              CROSS ROADS

I.24.a.68.65.                            I.23.d.20.10.                           from I.34.c.10.86. to               HOUSES.

(Chateau                                  Communication                       I.28.d.58.33.

d’Hancandy                            Trenches. Roads

to Bastrou)                              Billets.

Communication Trenches

Roads : Billets

including BASTROU village.

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