A.A. Laporte Payne letter 14 February 1917

A.A. Laporte Payne letter 14 February 1917




Feb 14th 1917




Are you better? From your letters I conclude that you have not been well again.  I hope you are alright again now.  How is the rheumatism now?  You must take great care of yourself – you are much too precious.  The weather has changed a lot and it is much warmer and fine too.


You are getting a very naughty girl. I am ashamed of you – the very proper Muriel saying that she likes bad little boys.  I suppose that is why she makes out she likes me.  I shall remember that and be very naughty indeed.  I am getting worse and worse every day.  I can feel it.  By the time I arrive home on leave I shall be very bad indeed – and it will be partly your fault – so you see what you are responsible for.


I am glad you remember that tennis party when as you say you were so ‘rude’ why didn’t you deny it altogether. I should.  But you don’t tell me why you did it.  I should like to know because I can’t think of any reason.  That is very rude isn’t it?  I should certainly not ask you for any reason if I were a good boy; but then you see I am not.


Have you had any better news of Mrs.Griffin? Mrs. Cross must be having a very anxious time.  I do hope she is keeping well.  Please give her my kindest regards and please do not make any more rude remarks about my polite messages.


We have been frightfully busy with one thing and another lately. I dare say you have seen in the papers that things are not exactly quiet in this neighbourhood.  I don’t mind at all as it makes the time go all the quicker to the day when I hope I shall be able to visit town again and all that means to me.


I have just got hold of a book ‘A Student in Arms’ by Hankey which I hope to get time to read. It is rather a serious war book I believe.  You have not sent me a book marked by you yet.  I don’t want any other kind.


There is a horrid noise going on at present. The Boche are up to something and we are not taking it at all quietly.  Things will get more & more exciting now I suppose.


It is a glorious day to day. It would be just right for a walk with you & then tea afterwards alone with you by a cozy fire with no one to annoy us – but bad boys like myself can’t expect such things can they?  Instead I shall have to spend my afternoon visiting batteries and the trenches and generally spending a boring afternoon.  I wonder what you are doing to day.


Goodbye for the present

With my love & kisses

Ever yours.     Archie.

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