Various Fronts

1st Feb               Norwegian waters forbidden to all submarines

1st Feb               German “unrestricted” submarine warfare began

3rd Feb               United States of America sever diplomatic relations with Germany

13th Feb             Scandinavian Governments protest against German submarine warfare

14th Feb             British support for the Japanese over territorial rights

14th Feb.            British support Alsace/Lorraine objective

17th Feb            Australian War Government formed

25th Feb             German forces withdrawal to the “Hindenburg Line”

25th Feb             German torpedo boat attempted raid on Margate and Broadstairs

26th Feb           Anglo-French Conference in Calais to discuss military command and operations

25th Feb             British RMS”Laconia” sunk by submarine

26th Feb             President Wilson addresses Congress to arm merchant ships

27th Feb             President Wilson considers sinking of “Laconia” an “overt act”

28th Feb             U.S President released to press German/Mexican proposals for alliance against USA

End of Feb       German unrestricted submarine warfare did not reach target for losses


The Caucasus and Middle East Campaign

4th Feb               Sa’id Halim, Turkish Grand Vizier resigned

8th Feb               British operations against the Senussi ended

23rd Feb              Kut reoccupied by British

24th Feb              Battle of Kut ended

25th Feb           The pursuit to Baghdad began


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