Alf Smith’s letter 30 Jan 1917

Jan 30th 17


Dear Father


I am doing a little bit for my King & Country again & I don’t like it at all at present but I suppose I shall settle down again soon but it wants a bit of doing after a week’s freedom.  I had a jolly good time, & I was very pleased to see you all.

You will notice that I have not given you any address; Felixstowe seems to be full of soldiers so we are billeted all over the shop & the Orderly Room is in another part of the town but I will write to you again as soon as I find out what it is.

I have not been so fortunate for billets this time it is in an empty house & no fires it is perishing cold!  I am just about fed up with it.

Well Father there is not any more news to tell you this time.  I enjoyed myself very much at Wood Green.

Hoping you are quite well.


With much love

Your devoted



P.S. Albert Affie & Joy were quite well. He said he is always pleased to hear from you & he will write to you the first opportunity.

I went to see Mr. & Mrs. Witcomb with Albert they made us very welcome they are very nice people.

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