A.A. Laporte Payne letter 3 January 1917

A.A. Laporte Payne letter 3 January 1917



Jan 3 1917


My dearest,


Never again think that I am annoyed with you if you don’t hear from me for a few days please. I will soon let you know if ever I am which is not at all likely.  Do you really think I could be so horrid as that?  It is only the real impossibility of finding time that would ever prevent you hearing from me.  Sometimes for whole days and more I am away from the battery and it is the same now.  I am with two guns away from ‘home’.  We are frightfully busy and expect to be more so for some time now.  I can’t explain further, dear, so please forgive.


Thank you so much for your letter. All I live for is to hear from you.  You must forgive hastily scribbled note in pencil.  It is all I can find at present.  When I get back to the battery I hope to find something from the ‘only one’, which will cheer me up – and I need it at present.


I do hope you are keeping well and the other members of the family. I am still alive and well.


I see Vyvyan Pearse has got the Military Cross. I am very glad.  He at least deserves it.  He went through Loos & the Somme.  One of our Battery Commanders got one.  He was the only one in our Brigade.  He is an excellent fellow and thoroughly deserved it.


It is getting dark now and I must be off for the trenches where I have to spend the night.


When oh! When shall I be able to get to England and you again.  It seems ages since I saw you last.  You will have to be firm when I do get a chance.


All my best love, darling

Ever yours




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