Various Fronts

3rd Jan           Sir Douglas Haig promoted to Field-Marshal

9th Jan           HMS “Cornwallis” sunk by submarine in the Mediterranean

10th Jan          Entente governments send joint reply to President Wilson over Peace Plan

10th Jan          Belgium’s reply to President Wilson would be the repatriation of their country

11th Jan         Austro-Hungarian/German refusal to accept responsibility should the plan be rejected.

14th Jan          Japanese battlecruiser “Tsukuba” exploded in docks

19th Jan           Proposal for Mexico to enter alliance with Germany

20th Jan          Hoskins replaces Smuts as Commander of the East African forces

23rd Jan           HMS “Simoom” sunk

31st Jan           Germany announced unrestricted submarine warfare


Eastern Front

8th Jan             Russian Prime Minister Trepov resigns

17th Jan           Russian Minister of War Shuvaev resigns


The Caucasus and Middle East Campaign

3rd Jan             First desert raid by Lawrence of Arabia

7th/8th Jan     British artillery bombardment began on Khadairi Bend

9th Jan            British began major attack on Khadairi Bend

9th Jan            Battle of Rafah

29th Jan           British capture Khadairi Bend






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