War Diary 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade November 1916



For the Month of NOVEMBER 1916






1-11-16           The 32nd Battery was forced to vacate battery positions temporarily this afternoon, due to heavy shelling.  This is the second time this has occurred within a few days.  Hostile balloons have been coming up in larger numbers lately, and hostile planes are becoming more active and daring.  Today a plane fired with M.G. at 32nd O.P. from a height of about 100 yards and later brought down one of our planes.


2-11-16          Rain and poor visibility in the morning.  In the afternoon, clear; many hostile balloons and planes up.  Another of our planes was brought down by a hostile plane about M.19.d.9.8. POZIERES-LE-SARS ROAD was heavily shelled in the afternoon, with 8-inch, and although 600 yards or more away, the splinters passed over us in large numbers.


  • Clear day. Hostile balloons and aeroplanes were up almost continuously. Another of our planes was brought down this afternoon.


4-11-16           Fairly quiet day; hostile shelling much less than usual.  Our batteries began harassing fire on REGINA TRENCH and BELOW TRENCH, firing 50 rounds per day each for the task.


  • Wire cutting carried on as usual; also harassing fire. Very little hostile shelling. Visibility good, and hostile balloons up all day.


  • Dull day, but hostile balloons were up nearly all day. The projected advance is now planned for Novr. 9th. Weather is the doubtful factor.


  • Rainy day, with poor observation and little firing. Operations are now postponed indefinitely.

At 10.30 p.m. last night we engaged and silenced a 4.2 battery at G.28.d.4.1. which was persistently shelling our front line, causing many casualties.


  • Quite a number of working parties were fired upon and dispersed by our batteries today.


  • Our Howitzer battery bombarded a part of REGINA TRENCH from 12.30 to 2.30 p.m. Otherwise the day was quiet. Orders have been received to bring up all ammunition from Wagon Lines.  Weather is better and further operations may be possible.


  • From 5.30 to 6.00 a.m. our three 18-pdr batteries bombarded the new trench running from M.9.c.1.2. to M.8.d.2-2/4.3. Our Howitzer battery again bombarded REGINA TRENCH between PRACTICE ROAD and FARMER ROAD, and the 18-pdr batteries are again cutting wire. The infantry are proposing to take REGINA Trench tonight.


  • The attack last night was a great success. The 10th and 11th Infy. Bdes. Took the trench from FARMER ROAD to our previous stop at M.13.b.7.3. Artillery barrage reported splendid.  Hostile retaliation weak.


  • Hostile shelling has been heavy today, and we retaliated on sensitive points in enemy’s lines.


  • Last night was very quiet. Visibility today has been impossible owing to fog. Some hostile shelling to which we retaliated.


  • Brigade area was heavily shelled last night, several hundred rounds, mostly 77 m.m. shrapnel being directed at us. Day foggy and quiet.


  • There was the usual intermittent shelling during last night. The day has again been so foggy as to make observation impossible. Clear in the evening, when a large number of hostile gun flashes were picked up.


  • A clear day with good visibility and a great deal of aeroplane activity. Our guns successfully engaged a number of aeroplane targets.


  • Another clear day, with consequent increased artillery activity on both sides. The brigade area was heavily shelled at intervals, especially between 4 and 5 p.m. when between 75 and 80 5.9s were dropped in the vicinity of our brigade headquarters.


  • In conjunction with the advance by V Corps on the left, our Infantry in this zone attempted to take DESIRE SUPPORT Trench this morning, but with only partial success. The Germans still have a number of blocks which we have not been able to get, and we have been keeping up a barrage on PRACTICE ROAD all day to prevent them bringing up reinforcements.


  • The barrage on PRACTICE ROAD was kept up throughout last night and all day today except for a short time in the afternoon when visibility was good and the area could be kept under observation.


  • A clear day with good observation; a number of aeroplane targets were engaged, as well as a number of opportunity targets in the form of working parties.


  • Today has been foggy and quiet, except from 4.45 to 5.45 p.m. when there was a heavy hostile bombardment on the left spreading to our zone. Our batteries placed the zone under a slow rate of fire.


  • Visibility has again been very poor, with consequent little activity. Information has been received that we are to be withdrawn shortly.


  • 3rdD.A. O.O. No 39 received at midnight last night giving instructions for withdrawal of our batteries by sections tonight and tomorrow night. We are not being relieved by any other unit.  The first sections were reported clear at 7.45 p.m.


  • The batteries all reported clear of their positions at 5 p.m. and Bde Hdqrs was then withdrawn to wagon lines.



  • The day was spent at wagon lines making preparations for the route march tomorrow.


26th to 28th       Route march ALBERT to ACQ  the first day’s march was very heavy with steady rain all day.  The weather was fine for the remainder of the trip.



  • The 9th Brigade is to relieve the 282nd Brigade R.F.A. in a position just north of ARRAS. The first section were reported in position at 6 p.m.




30-11-16                   The remaining sections completed the relief at 6 p.m. tonight. This brigade, with the addition of one howitzer battery (35th) from the 8th Bde is now the ”Right Group”.



Lieut. Col.

Comdg. 9th Brigade C.F.A.



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