15th Dec                                    French began the Second Offensive Battle of Verdun

17th Dec                                    Battle of Verdun ends

18th Dec                                     Germany accepted defeat at the Battle of Verdun


The Balkans

1st Dec                                      Romanian government relocates to Jassy

1-6th Dec                                  Romania defeated at Battle of Arges River

6th Dec                                       Bucharest falls to Germany

11th Dec                                    Joffre calls off the Monastir Offensive

19th Dec                                    Bulgarian and German armies retreat from Monastir


Eastern Front

30th Dec                                    Rasputin assassinated


The Caucasus and Middle East Campaign

13/14th Dec                               British troops advance to Kut-al-Amara

15th Dec                                    Britain recognises King Hussein of the Arabs

21st Dec                                   Anzac forces seize El Arish

23rd Dec                                   Battle of Magdhabaj


Other Fronts

7th Dec                                      Lloyd George appointed Prime Minister

7th Dec                                      Britain organised for total war

9th Dec                                      War Cabinet replaces War Committee

12th Dec                                    Nivelle takes over Commander of French army

12th Dec                                    Germany willing to negotiate peace terms

18th Dec                                   Wilson requests outlines for peace terms

26th Dec                                    “Peace Terms” discussed

30th Dec                                    Allies reject peace terms

26th Dec                                     Joffre created Marshall of France

27th Dec                                    French Battleship Gaulois sunk by submarine

27th Dec                                    Togoland administration separated





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