55 Div Artillery 29 Nov 1916

Appendix C


H.Q. 55th Div Arty


With reference to operations this evening I beg to report that the Artillery bombardment and barrage was excellent.  A few shots of one battery were seen to fall short and this was corrected after two minutes.  The 2 inch T.M.s fired 149 rounds and successfully cut the enemy’s wire.  The enemy retaliated within a few minutes of the opening of our barrage with T.M.s on our Stokes Mortars near Junction Trench (one gun being knocked out after firing about 12 rounds).  His F.A. barrage seemed to be concentrated on our front line in rear of crater 2A; after half an hour the enemy was concentrating on our support line.

The effect of the Heavy Artillery was observed to be especially good, and the barrage, from the reports of our own men, put up by the Field Artillery left nothing to be desired and the bursts appeared effective. German prisoners state that our bombardment was terrible and quite a number of dead Germans were found in the trenches as a result of our bombardment.

Telephonic communications between Liaison Officer and the Group were good throughout the barrage.

The barrage according to all concerned was good throughout the operation.

I should like to bring to notice the names of every battery commander who was engaged in these operations.

They are;-



Capt. L.M.SING

Lieut W. EILLS

Lieut T.B. TOD


I would enpertrise [especially] mention Major J.H. FOSTER who acted as Liaison Officer with the O.C. enterprise throughout and who sent back most valuable information.

Also I would mention Lieut. D.M. RITCHIE my orderly officer who was responsible for the excellent telephonic communication throughout.

I should like to add that all Battery Commanders had a very hard job for the 20 minutes of the bombardment.


**** Lt. Col R.F.A.

Comdg Rt. Group



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