THE GREAT WAR – November 1916


THE GREAT WAR – November 1916


2nd Nov                                    French take Fort Vaux


The Somme

13th Nov                                  British attack Beaumont Hamel

19th Nov                                  Battle of the Somme and Ancre Heights ends


Eastern Front

5th Nov                                    Central Powers proclaim new Kingdom of Poland


The Balkans

1st Nov                                    Ecaterina  Teodoroiu requests joining Romanian army

3rd /4th Nov                             Ecaterina Teodoroiu captured but escapes

6th Nov                                   Ecaterina Teodoroiu wounded

1st Nov                                  Germans launch attack against Targu Jiu

Mid-Nov                                Germany captured Targu Jiu

21st Nov                                Germans occupy Craiova

27th Nov                                  Germans began advance to Bucharest

19th Nov                                 Bulgaria/Germany abandoned Monastir to the Allies

21st Nov                                  Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph died

16th Nov                                  Flora Sandes wounded during assault of Monistar

30th Nov                                 Flora Sandes awarded Kara George Star






Other Fronts

1st to 4th Nov                         Ninth Battle of Isonzo

7th Nov                                    America President Wilson re-elected

28th Nov                                 First aeroplane raid on London

Nov                                        Jellicoe appointed First Sea Lord

Nov                                          Churchill arrives in France


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