Alf Smith’s letter 31 Oct 1916

No 27521

St Andrews Hospital




Oct 31st 16


Dear Father


Thank you for the paper received this morning.

I thought I would let you know as soon as possible although I cannot say quite positively but my papers have been sent in & I am supposed to leave here on Friday night shall be home Wood Green on Saturday morning.

I promised Mr. Paternoster to go & see them when I came up so you will understand if I go there Saturday evening just for the weekend.

Have just received your letter.

Please excuse short note.

I hope you are all well.


With much love from

Your devoted



P.S. We had a man leave here last week he was supposed to leave here on Friday but his papers did not come back until Saturday morning so he could not leave until the afternoon.  It is better in a way because your leave does not start until the following Monday; so I may not leave until the same time; but I daresay if there is not time to write I shall be able to send a telegram.


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