Alf Smith letter 26 Sept 1916

Addressee T. Smith Esq., 24, Palmerston Rd., Bowes Park London N. England

Passed Field Censor 1555. Signature unreadable.


Sept 26th 16


Dear Father


Just to let you know I am still jogging along alright, although still in bed.  I cannot say that I feel very ill but the doctors know best.  I don’t expect it will do me any harm to stop here for a bit although it gets rather tiring.

We came here last Saturday had 11 hrs ride in an ambulance train.  It was packed.  I had the middle bed so I had a good view of the country the first time I have had a chance of seeing much of it was we travelled at night when we went up the line.

I am very close to “Blighty” now. It is only the water in between but I don’t think I am bad enough to get over to England worse luck.

I expect I shall be convalescent in a few days & I shall probably be there long enough to give you an address to write to. I shall be very pleased to get some news again.  I come off alright for new laid eggs now.  Always have one for tea.  They are tres bon.

Well I think I must conclude now.

I hope you are all in the best of health.


With much love from

Your devoted



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