Letter to Nell Pilgrim 14 Sept 1916


Sept 14 1916


My Dear Nell,

A few lines to let you know I am quite alright & in the “Pink”. I received your letter from Southend but was not at all surprised.  It reminded me of a certain “Card” I received about 3 yrs ago.  Do you remember it?

Must thank you & others for the “lighter” you sent. It is a jolly handy thing and *** when matches are scarce.

We have once again been shifted nearer to the line & expect to go up there very shortly. It will be different to see the place we were at before.  That was rather quiet but this is “hotter”.  We shall be going into some serious work so don’t be surprised at any news you receive of me, although I hope to come through alright.  I have not told Mother this so don’t show her.

I have not heard anything of Albert yet although his Batt was quite near to where we are now. Let me know if anything is heard of him.

Pleased you sent congratulations to Annie for me. It rather surprised me at first.  Hope she has a very happy married life.

Well Dear must shut off now. Remember me to your Mother & Father & others.

Good-bye & God Bless you.

Your loving


P.S. Don’t be surprised if you don’t have any letters from me for a few days as we shan’t be able to write until we come out again & we don’t know when that will be.




With *** Envelope to

Miss N. Pilgrim,

161 Abbey Rd




Stamped Field Post Office T.41. 15 Sp 16 Noted “illegible


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