Place            Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information


CITADEL   1st August                       Fine – Orders received to concentrate at DAOURS on 3rd Aug ready to move by rail from LONGEAU & SALEUX to destination unknown yet probably XI Corps – All sections relieved by evening.  30th D.A. now in Bois autilles.

2nd August                      Fine – Visited Brigade & D.A.C. at B autilles.

DAOURS       3rd August                     Fine.  Moved to DAOURS.

DAOURS      4th August                      Fine – Staff Capt goes in to ST VENANT.

5th August                       Fine – Batteries commence entraining from LONGUEAU & SALEUX for MERVILLE & HIENNES & BERGUETTE at 3.18 p.m.

ST VENANT 6th August                       Fine – Batteries arriving all day – H.Q. arrived about 5 p.m.  Are taking over line on 12th probably.

7th August                      Fine – Went over to see 39th D.A. about taking over new line.

8th August                     Fine – Gen Shea talked to the various brigades 148, 149 150, D.A.C. & 151.  Three different speeches.

9th Aug                           Fine – Very hot – walked round all the battery positions in GIVENCHY & FESTUBERT Area.

10th Aug                          Dull – P.V.O. 1st Army looked at all the horses – A/149, B/149 very bad – sections go into action night as relief of 39th D.A.

11th Aug                          Fine- Tried to get new remount – went to LOCON to take over from 39th D.A.  Remainder of relief completed – Positions as per appendix.

BETHUNE   12th Aug                          Fine – Took over from 39th D.A. & moved H.Q. to BETHUNE – Major L.L. Learmouth joined C/151.

13th Aug                         Fine – Visited right group batteries & O.P.s.

14th Aug                         Dull – Visited left group & right group.

15th Aug                         Fine but showery – Gen Shea visited wagon lines.

16th Aug                         Fine – Visited right & left groups – Gen White commands Divn whilst Gen Shea away.

17th Aug                         Showery – 71 remounts came – visited the batteries.

18th Aug                         Showery – Visited front trenches near craters – Gen Mercer came round.

19th Aug                         Showery – Quiet day.

20th Aug                         Showery – Visited Right group ****ed some alternative positions.

21st Aug                         Fine – Visited left group.  A few 4.2 shells in BETHUNE.

22nd Aug                         Fine – Visited right group also new O.P.s in construction.

23rd Aug                         Fine – Visited *** H.Q.s of brigades out of line & the two groups Btys to be reorganised into 6 guns.

24th Aug                         Fine in morning heavy rain in afternoon – Attended medal distribution parade by G.O.C. 1st ***

25th Aug                         Fine – Issued order of reorganisation; 2 Brigades of 3 6 gun 18pr & 1; 4.5 in how, 1bde of 2 6gun 18pr & 1 4 gun Howtz.

26th Aug                         Showery – Visited both groups in the line.  BETHUNE shelled from 12 midnight until 3.30 a.m. also some bombs dropped.  BETHUNE again shelled during the evening.

27th Aug                         Showery – BETHUNE shelled from 3.30 a.m. for about an hour.

28th Aug                         Showery – Bethune shelled from 3 a.m. with about 10 shells.  Gen Shea went round batteries.

29th Aug                         Wet – Bethune shelled at night at 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. Retaliation 8 ***

30th Aug                         Wet – Inspected all the horses of the batteries.  Bethune shelled at night from about 7.30 p.m. & 11.30 p.m.  Retaliation 3 ***

31st                                 Fine – Made out Schedules.


O.W. **** Maj.

B.M. 30th DIV Artillery

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