3rd Sept                              German offensive ended and the defensive campaign began



The Somme


3rd Sept                             Battle of Guilemont

9th Sept                            Allies captured Ginchy

15th to 22nd Sept           Debut of the tank at the Battle of Flers-Courcelette

15th Sept                            Raymond Asquith, the Prime Minister’s son, killed in action

17th Sept                            German “Red Baron” registers first air combat victory

25th Sept                            British and French troops capture Thiepval



The Balkans


1st Sept                               Bulgaria declared war on Romania

1st Sept                               Danube army invaded Romania

6th Sept                               Battle of Turtucaia

12th Sept                             Allies counter-attack from Salonika

15th Sept                             Romanian offensive against Austro-Hungary halted

18th Sept                             Falkenhayn assumes command in Romanian campaign

20th Sept                             Romanians halted the advancing Austrian Danube army



Other Fronts

2nd/3rd Sept                         Leefe Robinson awarded VC for shooting down an attacking airship

4th Sept                               Dar es Salaam, in German East Africa is captured

14th to 18th Sept               The Seventh Battle of Isonzo

19th Sept                             Belgian forces launched an attack into Flanders

20th Sept                            Brusilov Offensive ends

23rd Sept                            Two German airships destroyed on air raid over Britain

24th Sept                           Allies attacked Krupp’s steelworks

September                       The bombing campaign of London and East coast continued by the Germans


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