G G Hammond letter 29 Aug 1916

Wivenhoe Park Camp



Dear F & M

I was awfully sorry I was unable to come to see you in town but I had applied for leave and had intended seeing you at home.  As it was I did not receive your letter until Friday morning when I heard my leave had been granted.  I only had the weekend.  You can imagine how disappointed I was but I expect it will not be long before I can have leave again, say with an extra day & then I can get home.

I have a very hard time at Bisley but think I am amply rewarded as I got a distinguished report which of course is the highest possible.

The is nothing fresh to relate things are just the same here.  Fred seems to be getting along OK.  I am going to write to him soon.  Oh! I went to Southport when I knew you were not at home.  I did think of calling to see Uncle Tom but can go some other time.  I am sending you a copy of the Stand Easy, don’t lose it – Look at “C” Cy notes.  I will send it monthly.  Give my love to them all at 212.

Fondest love George

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