Women’s Legion letter from Miss C Ellis 22 Aug 1916



President                                                                                                The Marchioness of Londonderry




(Pray and work)


72, Upper Berkeley Street

London W.

Motor Transport Section


Miss Christobel Ellis

Telephone Paddingdon 688




Dear Madam,


I am duly in receipt of your letter of enquiry regarding the work of the Motor Section of the Women’s Legion.

We have secured a number of posts for our members as drivers of both private and commercial cars, and in addition to this we have a Register of drivers for War Office work only.

It is impossible for me to give you particulars of employment, as in each case the work varies, and without knowing what your qualifications are, I should be unable to recommend you for any of the posts available.

At present we have a waiting list, and we shall be glad to place the name of any really experienced driver under the age of 38 on this list for War Office work.

I beg to enclose an enrolment form and circular.

Faithfully yours


Christobel Ellis


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