17th Aug                           French capture Fleury

29th Aug                           Falkenhayn dismissed by the Kaiser

29th Aug                          Hindenburg succeeded Falkenhayn



The Somme

9th/10th Aug                   Noel Chavasse won his first Victoria Cross

18th Aug                         British attack Guilemont



The Balkans

1st Aug                           Allied forces in Salonika re-enforced by Russian troops

12th Aug                         Italians assist the Allied forces in Salonika

17th Aug                         Romania agreed to join the war alongside the Allies

17th to 28th Aug           The Battle of Florina

27th Aug                         Romania declared and entered the war against Germany

28th Aug                          Germany immediately declared war on Romania

30th Aug                         Turkey declared war on Romania

Mid Aug                         Flora Sandes’ Regiment left Salonika for the fight to Serbia


The Caucasus and Middle East Campaign

3rd to 5th Aug                  The Battle of Romani


The Eastern Front

10th Aug                         End of the Battle of Kowell



Other Fronts

3rd Aug                             Sir Roger Casement executed for treason

6th to 17th Aug               Sixth Battle of Isonzo

7th Aug                           Britain’s oldest ally, Portugal supports the Allies with military forces

19th Aug                          Royal Navy loses two cruisers in the North Sea

28th Aug                          Italy declared war on Germany

29th Aug                          Germany became an un-official dictatorship

29th Aug                           Germany organised war economy



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