F Hammond letter 1st Aug 1916

The Somme 16

1st Aug 1916

Dear Will

Just a line to say I am A1 here.  Hope you will excuse me for not dropping you a line early.  We have done so much knocking about that I hadn’t much inclination to write but now I find letters accumulate.  So just take this opportunity before going on parade.  I suppose you’ve read all the news and noticed the part played by the S Africans & Highlanders which was no small part.  I met several **** men while in the battle line.  Sorry to say Harold Kemp was killed in the early stages of the offensive.  Our artillery was simply wonderful & it’s ** to the efficiency of the same what makes possible for the line to move forward.  I don’t think there’s much more to say about it as we have plenty of men to do that for us now.  There was a good article in the Times of July 25th worth reading.  I am now in rest doing fatigues but having a good time in between.  The weather is ideal here could just do with a week with you but still it may soon be over now as we have got top weight on them now.  So bye bye for present OM



Original letter very heavily worn.


Field Service Post Card D.2. Au 5 16.  To E. Hammond, 9, Countess St. Stockport.  I am quite well.  I have received your parcel lately.  Letter follows at first opportunity Fred 5.8.16

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