F. Hammond letter 29 July 1916

29 July 1916

Dear F & M

Just a line to say I am OK.  I suppose you received my letter saying that we were enjoying a rest after having a rather rough time of it.  As you will no doubt have read about the doings of the S. Africans & the Highlanders in the papers.  There was a very good article about us in the Times of July 25th We are enjoying a good time in rest in a town with plenty of life not far from where we were last Septr.  We spend most of our spare time playing solo.  The weather is very nice just now.  I received a letter from Gladys Grimshaw today but have not received a parcel she has sent owing to the change of my address I sometimes get letters weeks old.  Hope Gladys does well in her exam.  I suppose it was rather a pathetic scene to see her leaving her old colleagues.  Well it is Saty today & we all went & had a hot bath this forenoon & change so feel in the pink now.

Well there’s a concert on here tonight & the estaminets are just opening so you can see we are not downhearted yet.  Hope you are all well.  I got a fellow to send that Field Post Card who was going out of the trenches.  I suppose you wondered why I hadn’t written it.

Well we are all merry & bright again hoping you are the same.

So Bye Bye for present

Bungy de Grabit

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