Route Table 14 July 1916

Date.                        Units.                                    From.                        To.                        Starting Time                                    Route


15th July            “Z” Battery.                        R.5.b.                        G.28.c.2.4.            7 a.m.                                    BELLE CROIX G.32.a.2.3. – NOUVEAU MONDE –                                                                                     and                                                            Pt da la JUSTICE.



“O” Battery.                         R.5.Central            G.29.d.2.0.            7.15 a.m.                                                Do

D/5 Battery.                        R.11.a.2.3.            G.28.b.7.7.            7.30 a.m.                                                Do

55th Battery.                         R.11.central            G.34.a.7.6.            7.45 a.m.                        Road junction R.5.b.3.5. – thence as above for “Z” Bty

33rd Battery.                         R.10.b.                        G.32.d.4.5.            8.0 a.m.                        as for 55th Bty to BELLE CROIX – thence road                                                                                                                                                             Junction G.32.b.2.5.

32nd Battery.                        R.10.a.1.8.            G.34.b.4.2.            8.15 a.m.                        as for 55th Battery.

36th Battery.                        R.3.d.2.2.            G.32.b.9.9.            8.30 a.m.                        as for 32nd Battery.

D.A.C.                                    R.20.a.                        G.27 and            9.0 a.m.                        Rd junction R.13.b.3.7. – PONT RIQUEL – thence as                                                                                     G.21.d.6.2.                                                            for “Z” Battery.









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