A.A. Laporte Payne letter fragment early July 1916

Fragment undated


matter in the Brigade either. The young ‘shop’ boy who was with us in the battery until April was killed on the first day of the bombardment.  He was an awfully nice cheery fellow – never in the dumps – He had worked very hard for sometime laying telephone lines – sometimes all day & all night.  When he had practically completed his job and was sitting down under a tree for a short rest a stray shell burst in front of him.  I dare say you saw his name in the papers – Freemen Cowan.


What do people at home think about the ‘move’? I should be interested to hear.  I have seen a paper of the 6th – La Boiselle seems to figure very largely in the communiqués.  There really was some very hot fighting here but some of the things the reporters say are not exactly truthful.


I am disgusted to see that while the Ulster Division did such heroic work out here and suffered such a lot, the politicians at home betrayed them.


I am afraid I am writing a very serious and gloomy letter to you this time. Please forgive – it must be the weather which is again cold, windy & wet.


Au revoir


Yours very sincerely







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