JULY 1916


JULY 1916

The Somme

1st July                      The first day of the Battle of the Somme

1st July                       Anglo-French air supremacy over the Somme

2nd July                       British capture Fricourt

3rd July                       Bernafay wood captured

4th July                       British capture La Boiselle

5th July                       Professional footballer Donald Bell won the Victoria Cross

7th July                       Unsuccessful allied attack on Mametz Wood

10th July                    British capture Contalmaison

14th July                     Battle of Bazentin Ridge

15th July                     South Africans attack Delville Wood

17th July                     Allied attack threaten Ovillers

17th July                   Allied advance threatens Thiepval

20th July                     British begin attack on High Wood

23rd July                     Battle of Pozieres Ridge

28th July                     Delville Wood captured



9th July                        Germans bombard Fort Souville using poison gas

11th July                      Germans attack Fort Souville

11th July                      Falkenhayn orders ground to be held

12th July                    French counter-attack at Fort Souville

14th July                      The Germans forced onto the defensive on France’s Bastille Day






The Eastern Front and the Balkans

15th July                      Turkish counter-offensive against the Russians in Armenia

15th July                      Serbian army in readiness for action alongside allies

25th July                      Serbian army returns to action

28th July                      Battle of Kowel during Brusilov Offensive

29th July                      Axis powers agree to military action against Romania


The Caucasus and Middle East Campaign

19th July                       Turks attack Suez Canal

25th July                       Battle of Erzincan


Other Fronts

7th July                         Lloyd-George replaces Kitchener as British Secretary of state for War

26th July                       German submarine U35 began patrol sinking 54 ships

30th July                       Sabotage of USA munition ships in New York

31st July                       Allies capture Kilimatinde in German East Africa

July                              Bombing of London














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