A.G. Richardson’s Diary June 1916

A.G. Richardson’s Diary June 1916


Thursday 1st June 1916           Went to Havernas for rations.  At Berteaucourt at night with Tommy & Cecil.

Friday 2nd June 1916               Went to Havernas for rations.  At BERTEAUCOURT at night.

Saturday 3rd June 1916           Learnt news of the Greatest Naval Battle in history which took place last Wed. off Coast of Jutland.  “Queen Mary” etc lost.  British losses stated to be 14 ships & German losses 8.  Went to Havernas for rations.

Sunday 4th June 1916              Latest news of Naval Battle British losses – 14.  German losses – 34 [20 torpedo boats].  Went to Havernas for rations.

Monday 5th June 1916                        Went to HAVERNAS for rations on bicycle at 10 am – 2 pm.  Further news of Naval Battle British losses not so bad after all. – Germans 34 boats.  On picquet.

Tuesday 6th June 1916                        Went to HAVERNAS for rations.  Nothing doing much.  Saw Cecil & Tommy.

Wednesday 7th June 1916       Briggs back from leave.  I return to the lines: cannot get on with my No 1.

Thursday 8th June 1916:          Reveille 5.30 am.  Simply can’t stand Sergt Redgrave.  Saw Tommy Butler at night.

Pernois – Mirvaux.

Friday 9th June 1916:              Rose at 5 am & with 2nd/Lt. Fitton, Kingswell, Turner & 2 others, went to R.A. dump at MIRVAUX.  “Snap” job – nothing to do.  Went with Fitton to PIERRGOT to find his billets.

Saturday 10th June 1916:        Rose at 10.30 am.  Simply nothing to do but no money to spend.  1st Dorsets leave.

Sunday 11th June 1916:           Rose at 11 am!!  Had a nice stroll with Turner.

Monday 12th June 1916:         Rose at 10.30 am.  Lovely holiday.  Simply nothing at all to do.

Tuesday 13th June 1916:         Rose at 10.50 am.  Simply “living to eat!!!”

Wednesday 14th June 1916:    Rose at 9.30 am.  Another nice stroll via Pierregot, Rubempre.

Thursday 15th June 1916:        Reading & writing all day.

Friday 16th June 1916:                        49th Div arrived in village.  D.A.C., R.A. H.Q., T.Ms, & A.S.C.  Still nothing doing.

Saturday 17th June 1916:        49th Div resting a little before going into action.  Units of R.F.A. dump some few articles in R.A. dump.

Sunday 18th June 1916:           Rose at 9 am.  Lovely day.  Applied for commission but Laycock sends me a nasty chit.

Monday 19th June 1916:         Head of the formation of a new section to be made on Wed.  Lt Scott as O.C., S.M. Sherman & myself as Q.M.S.

Tuesday 20th June 1916:         Last day at dump.  NAPOO.

Wednesday 21st June 1916:    Left R.A. dump and went to new Section “T” as Q.M.S. & clerk.  Lt. J.C. Scott as O.C., S.M. Sherman, Sergt Wheeler, Clarkson, Saddler ****.  Fine section indeed: – “Tactical”.

Thursday 22nd June 1916:       Busy with new section as clerk.  Taking in all details.  Went to dump to see Copley.

Friday 23rd June 1916:            Busy clerking all day.  Fine day.  Went to RUBEMPRE.

Saturday 24th June 1916:        Busy clerking.  Went for rations to Rubempre.  Went to “TYKES” with Routh.

Sunday 25th June 1916:           Fine day.  Went to dump on bike.  Busy clerking rest of day.

Monday 26th June 1916:        Received news that we are going into action “shortly”.  Orders arrive at 10 pm.  Cancelled at 10.10 pm.  New orders for the move issued 11 pm.  Working until 12.30 am.


Tuesday 27th June 1916:         Reveille 2.30 am.  Left MIRVAUX at 6 am & went on bicycle VIA Beaucourt, Contay, Warloy-Baillon to      HEDAUVILLE.  Arr 8.30 am.  Sect arrive 12 noon.           Office: – Bell Tent.  Fine Place.

Wednesday 28th June 1916: Rose at 8 am.  Returns 9, 12 & 3.  Went to wood near Thiepval.  Saw German trenches & batteries.  Bombardment.  “Great” sight.

Thursday 29th June 1916:        Rose at 8 am.  Sent all returns in.  Went to ACHEUX for rations.  Dinner 8 pm.

Friday 30th June 1916:                        Rose at 8 am.  Good deal of work as clerk.  Went to ACHEUX for rations.

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