H.Q. 18th Div 26 June 1916


“A” Form



H.Q. 18th Div


TB 206 26-6-16


The attached diagrams are forwarded for your information.

They indicate the results of the two Tests of forwarding barrage on line “H” carried out with aeroplane observation.

The 15 barrage batteries fired salvoes of 4 rounds each in succession from the right at 4 minutes intervals.

The attached diagrams were in possession of the aeroplane observer, who marked four dots for the four rounds of each battery and enclosed them in a circle.

On completion of the observation the Pilot flew over Div H.Q. & dropped message containing diagram. The latter was received within 10 minutes of last round being fired, and a tracing forwarded to each Group. – The barrage appears satisfactory.

Could you please return attached diagrams.


18 Div Art.

A.F. Brooke

for B.G. R.A. 18 Div

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