8 DA Instructions No 1






Reference programme for U, V, W, and X and Y days.


  1. During these days, the Batteries of Centre Group (86 Bde and A/98 Battery R.F.A. will not fire in the special bombardment ordered.

They will however take opportunities of registering certain points towards the        programme for Z day.

Care must be taken to fire as few rounds as possible and the opportunity must be chosen so as to prevent giving away their positions.


  1. On X and Y days, one 18 pr battery of 86 Bde R.F.A. will be employed on wire cutting as specially detailed.


  1. During the special bombardment, where firing takes place on Green Line or East of it, a gap will be left where 19 Div Batteries will be firing on Z day.


  1. For the gas and smoke occasions, the Right and Left Groups will cover the whole front.


If wind permits, smoke will be discharged during the last 10 minutes of the concentrated bombardments on V, W, X, and Y days.


C.R. Gover Major R.A.

Brigade Major 8th Divisional Artillery.



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