Letter to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 19 April 1916

Letter to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 19 April 1916


Pte H. Harnett

No 10668 M.G. Corps

  1. 18 Army P.O.

B.E. Force



Rev Sir,


Your letter to hand today. I must say that I am most thankful for your thoughts about me also for the Testament also Easter Card which I prize very much.  Am so sorry that I have not corresponded more to you than I have as neglect of mine.  I thoughtlessly left your card behind in Herne Bay whilst on my last visit to Dear Mother so hoping you will pardon me for same.  You ask me about adding my name to your Prayer List.  I should be so thankful & also Mother to if you would do so as you know – or  can realise Sir that we most of us should be nearer to know God our Father than we do and I must admit it is a harder task than lots of us think.  So you also remarks as to your eldest son.  Kindly remember me to him & I hope & is my wish that he & all of us be brought back to our dear Ones.  But we will leave it entirely in God’s Power.  As I do know that for want of Prayers for us Boys it will not be our Parents fault if such is not answered.  I know it would be far better for all if we were more united that is I mean abroad and home.  I never regret the day sir that I left to learn the world as I will truthfully say that amongst strangers that is I mean foreigners I could never have been used better.  Although I will admit I lost a home that could not be better or at least there is none better than I have had but I must say he or her is no man or woman that has arrived home to be kept by their parents which I must say for twenty years I have been away I have been entirely on my own but as I say I know Mother’s Prayers have been answered that’s why I have been so fortunate in my absence from England.  Well Sir I hope you will excuse such a short address as time out here is pretty well occupied.  So I will close with thanks & best wishes.  I still remain yours Obedient


H.L. Harnett


P.S. Sir,  I am enclosing card in return wishing you & the congregation a Prosperous Easter-Tide.


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