Letter to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 13 June 1915

Letter to Rev. R.M. Laporte Payne 13 June 1915


9 Arandale Road

  1. Cheam





To Rev W. La Porte Payne


My dear Vicar,


I am taking the liberty of writing you these few lines. Thank you very much for your last kind letter with all the news it contained.


We hope you are each keeping well and that the work goes forward in the Parish. I hear a little about it from Mr Taylor.  I am pleased to inform you that we are all three keeping well at present, Terrence has been under the Doctor here for a Fortnight but is now better and started school again.


Mrs Smith and myself are keeping very well. We went to the 8 o/c Celebration this morning together and of course our thoughts flew to Finchley.  My brother has been over to see us on several occasions & has stayed two week ends with us.


My brother in the Army has gone back into the firing line, though the splinters of shell are still in his arm. It is quite two weeks sine I heard from him.  My Nephew was well last I heard from him.  S.L. Smith has been promoted to Lance Corporal.


I am still making progress in Business and in health, and would be quite happy if it were not for the dark cloud of the past, and the pain & suffering I caused others. I am pleased to say Mrs Smith seems better on the whole, her sister is coming to stay with her on Tuesday next.


I hope Mrs. Payne and your family are each keeping well.


I have often wondered how Archie was getting on, especially when I see the large lists of Officers that are falling day by day. Please to kindly remember me to Mr. Mannering.  You must have your hands full just now with your staff reduced.  We were wondering if you were having the Garden Fete soon & know what an extra burden that is upon you.


I am still bearing you and the Parish up in my poor prayers, that Our Father may reward you for all your goodness & kindness & give you His blessing in all things.


With our united kind regards & good wishes


Believe me

Dear Sir

Yours v. sincerely

Wm. Smith.


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