18 DA Proposals for Medium and Heavy TMs 19 June 1916



  1. The attached diagram shows sites selected for Medium and Heavy Trench Mortars.


  1. The sites selected for Heavy Trench Mortars are shown in white. The arcs of fire of these mortars at 1000 yards range are also shown.


  1. The tasks of the Heavy Trench Mortars will roughly be as under:- (a) No 1 Mortar. Destruction of trenches, trench junctions and dugouts in DUGOUT TRENCH, BACH LANE, BACH TRENCH and BRESLAU SUPPORT.       (b) No 2 Mortar. Destruction of network trenches and dugouts in rear of CRATERS. (c) No 3 Mortar. Enfilade BAY LANE and BAY TRENCH to KASINO POINT, trench junctions in MINE SUPPORT and BUND TRENCH. (d) No 4 Mortar. Enfilade BAY TRENCH from BAY POINT and destruction of dugouts and trench junctions in BLACK ALLEY and the TRIANGLE. Enfilade KASINO POINT.


  1. Sites selected for Medium Trench Mortars are shown in red. At present 17 sites are being prepared, 6 of which have double emplacements, allowing for 23 mortars in all. Of those shown, 14 emplacements with dugouts are now complete.


  1. The task of the Medium Trench Mortars will consist in destruction of front and support trench and the wire in front of these trenches.

The proportion of wire to trenches engaged will depend on the proportion of NEWTON fuzes available.

Tasks will be allotted to mortars so as to distribute the front evenly between number of mortars available, and with a view to taking full advantage of enfilade fire.

A proportion of mortars will be kept in reserve.


  1. Dugouts are also being prepared to accommodate 100 rounds per medium Trench Mortar at each gun. The remainder of the ammunition being distributed in 4 advanced reserve ammunition dugouts and one central dugout situated in CARNOY.


  1. During the bombardment and up to actual assault, all Medium and Heavy Trench Mortars will be controlled by the Div. Trench Mortar Officer who will be situated in CARNOY.


  1. After the assault the Medium Trench Mortars will come under control of Infantry Brigade Commanders.

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