War Diary of AA Laporte Payne Jan 1915

War Diary of AA Laporte Payne


Extracted from


Brigade Diary, Personal Diary, Operation Orders, Note Books, Memoranda & Correspondence





January 10 1915


“Today I am Brigade Orderly Officer, so I have to sleep in Officer’s Quarters as the other officers in the Battery are away I am extra busy.  The weather is dreadful here.

I have seen Dick Pelly, who is Chaplain here. Influenza is rampant here.  According to the doctors one in five have the complaint.  We shall be a very small army if the Germans land on the coast.


The other morning I had to get up at 4.30 am to see two lots of men off at the station on leave. It meant riding to and from the station four times.


I hear that our Brigade is to go into huts at Reed Hall, two miles out of the town, probably at the end of this month.


There are rumours tonight of air ships over London.  I hope it is not true for your sake.


We are hoping to get our new guns soon. It is about time too.  Then it will seem more like business.  We have a lot of new Canadian horses, but they are not exactly pleasant rides.


January 19 1915


Maldon House

Wellesley Road,



“One day last week I motored to Clacton for dinner.  The place was in complete darkness.  It was most strange.  There were no lights showing at all.  Now I have a bad cold.


On Sunday morning I motored up to town to see some men off to the Front, and when I got back I was bundled off to bed, and no less three doctors came to see me. I slept all day yesterday, and now my temperature is normal.  I hope to be out again tomorrow.  Dick Pelly has been in to see me tonight, and yesterday my visitors were the three doctors.  It is lucky we have not to pay for their visits.  My host and hostess are looking after me very well indeed.


Monday January 25 1915.


“Last night saw me back in Colchester.  One officer is away at Shoeburyness on a course, and one officer has left us altogether, so we are shorthanded.


Tomorrow Capt Farmer and another officer and myself will be away all day on a Reconnaissance Ride. The mud here is worse than ever.


Give my kind regards to Amy Mac when she turns up.

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