Letter to Rev. W. Laporte Payne 19 Nov 14

Letter to Rev. W. Laporte Payne 19 Nov 14


(8055) 4th Dragoon Gds

Jarvis St Hospital





Dear Sir,


Just a line to thank you for your welcome letter which I was very pleased to receive also the Testament. Well I do not know how long I shall be here as I had an operation a week ago, the doctors said that another half an inch and I should have been paralysed in both legs.  They took a splinter of my spine out in the operation so you see what a near thing it was.  It was at Messines where I was hit it was a terrible battle the sights were awful.  We were retiring as there only two regiments of cavalry trying to hold them back until the infantry could come up they numbered about 20 to our one.  We held them a day and a night but they were to much for us.  They were eventually driven back in the evening though I had left the firing line and was bringing a chum back who was wounded but we had not got far when a shell burst a few feet away that was all I remembered until I came too and when I started to crawl along about thirty Germans started firing at me but there I expect you have already heard what sort of men they are, they size all right killing our wounded, to come out and face our steel they never will with-out their artillery.  They would be lost, they even stripped our dead and wounded so as to wear our clothing to deceive us but they are paying dearly for it, and yet more so before they are finished.  Well I think I will close now.  Hoping to see you soon

Yours ever


Alfred Lilly.

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