18th Division Z. 101/1 15 June 1916

18th Division Z. 101/1


7th Division

30th Division

Royal Artillery

53rd Brigade

54th Brigade

55th Brigade


The following amendments to 18th Division No Z.101 dated 14th instant are published:-

Page 1, cancel para 1 and substitute.

  • To secure and consolidate the line running from the Railway at A.3.c.8.6. to the junction of DUGOUT trench and BRESLAU ALLEY, thence North East up BRESLAU ALLEY to the junction of trenches at A.3.c.15.72., thence along the trench joining BRESLAU ALLEY with MINE ALLEY, thence by points 2258, 6159, POMMIERS LANE, POMMIERS REDOUBT to junction of trenches F.6.a.70.10. and to hold them at any cost for a prolonged period against counter attack. (2) To consolidate the trench from MONTAUBAN through S.26.d. and c. (MONTAUBAN ALLEY) and BEETLE TRENCH.  (3) To secure and consolidate the line running from the Western corner of MONTAUBAN as far E. as Divisional Boundary, thence westwards to trench junction as S.27.c.1.7. and along to junction of trenches at S.26.d.7.6., thence Northwards along trench to about S.26.b.5.4. thence Westwards along the spur through S.26.a.8.3. and S.25.a.2.2., trench to join up with right of 7th Division near S.25.b.3.0.  A t latter point a strong point is to be constructed immediately it is gained; the 7th Division will construct 4 strong points to the west of this and to the south of the crest of the ridge, roughly along the line S.25.b.3.0 to about X.29.d.9.10.  (between S.25.b. and d. and between X.30.a. and c.).


Page 2 para 5, L ines 13 and 14 should read:- “Each Brigade has 2 sections R.E. Field Company and 2 Platoons Pioneers definitely allotted to it for its interior requirements.”





for Lieut. Colonel.

Senior General Staff Officer, 18th Division.

June 15th 1916

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