APPENDIX 4 14 June 1916







S.26.d.63.66                Junction MONTAUBAN ALLEY and trench leading North to Battery emplacement 4640.

S.27.c.03.78.               Junction MONTAUBAN ALLEY and trench leading to western side of MONTAUBAN.

A.2.b.65.75.}              THE TWINS.


A.3.a.55.86.                Junction of MINE ALLEY and trench North of MILL Trench.

A.2.d.76.80.                Junction of MINE ALLEY and POMMIERS trench.

A.3.c.15.75.                Junction of BRESLAU ALLEY and trench leading west to MINE ALLEY.

A.3.c.73.55.                Junction of TRAIN ALLEY and MONTAUBAN-TALUS BOISE Road.

A.3.c.47.50.                Trench in rear of DUGOUT Trench.

A.3.c.15.15.                Junction of BACK LANE & BACK TRENCH.

A.9.a.30.95.                Junction of VALLEY and BRESLAU Support.





A.1.b.82.45.                Junction of MONTAUBAN ALLEY and MAPLE Trench.

A.2.d.45.25.                Junction of MINE ALLEY and BACK Trench.

A.1.b.86.13.                Centre POMMIERS Lane.

A.1.d.95.78.                Junction of POMMIERS Trench and POPOFF Lane.

A.1.d.80.30.                Junction of POPOFF LANE and BUND Support.

A.2.c.30.03.                Centre of BUND SUPPORT.

A.2.c.70.70.                The LOOP.

A.8.a.75.93.                Junction of MINE ALLEY and BUND SUPPORT.

A.2.d.20.60.                Junction of MINE ALLEY and POMMIERS Trench.

A.2.a.10.85.                MONTAUBAN ALLEY.

S.26.c.35.33.               MONTAUBAN ALLEY.

S.26.c.77.43.               Junction of LOOP Trench and MONTAUBAN ALLEY.




F.6.c.85.45.                 Junction of BLACK ALLEY and POMMIERS TRENCH.

F.6.a.76.15.                 Junction of BEETLE ALLEY and MAPLE Trench.

F.6.c.86.75.                 Junction of BUCKET Trench and BLACK ALLEY.

F.6.c.68.07.                 Junction of BUND Trench and BLACK ALLEY.

A.1.b.50.20.                POMMIERS REDOUBT.


The above includes 5 strong points selected by IIIXth Corps.

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