A.B. 19/32 12 June 1916

SECRET                                                                                                         A.B. 19/32


Officer Commanding

82nd Bde.

83rd Bde.

84th Bde.


  1. According to instructions received from XII CORPS R.A., the positions for batteries of Reserve Division attached to 18th Division should be proceeded with at once. The time available for the construction of these positions is very limited, no more than a fortnight can be relied on.       Assistance from batteries of Reserve Division is not to be counted on.


  1. The Reserve Div. Artillery applied for a supply of elements for the construction of their emplacements, being apparently in favour of the arch shelters for gun pits. A supply of these elements is being dumped at BRONFAY farm, under the charge of O.C. 82nd Bde. Any requirements of these elements should be submitted to O.C., 82nd Bde.


  1. For offensive purposes and when time is not available it may be necessary to limit construction to deep pits for detachments, the gun itself being hidden by canvas. By the use of elements it should be possible to erect an arch shelter for each gun covered with sandbags, and an arch shelter for each section dug-out, a layer of “burster bags” being added to pits if time is available. The small fittings required for erecting arches have up to the present not been provided by XIII Corps, these have been asked for.


  1. In continuation of my No A.B. 183 the construction of new positions is allotted as under:-

(a) Position at A.14.c.1.9. to be constructed by D/82 under supervision of O.C. Left Group.

(b) Position at A.14.a.5.2. to be constructed by B/85 under supervision of O.C. Left Group.

(c) Position at F.23.d.2.5. to be constructed by A/82 under supervision of O.C. Left Group.

(d) Siege gun Position to be constructed by 82 Bde under supervision of O.C. Left Group.

(e) Position for Section at A.15.d.7.9. to be constructed by C/83 under supervision of O.C. Centre Group, D/84 to provide working party of 10 men. The arc of fire of this section should cover ground from KASINO POINT to CATERPILLAR WOOD.

(f) Position at A.20.d.4.9. to be constructed by A/83 under supervision of O.C. Right Group.

(g) Position at A.15.c.3.9. to be constructed by B/84 under supervision of O.C. Right Group, D/83 Battery to provide working party of 15 men daily.


  1. Observation Stations for Reserve batteries should be selected and constructed.


  1. The C.R.A. wishes to call the attention of Group Commanders to the fact that in addition to these extra positions, the positions and observation stations of 18th Div. Art. Are far from completed. He consequently looks to the Group Commanders to do their utmost to ensure that every available man is employed in the work on hand.



A.F. Brooke

Captain R.A.

Brigade Major R.A. 18th Division.



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