18/Div/No/O.P. 13/3 11 June 1916


18/Div/No/O.P. 13/3



53rd Infantry Brigade

54th Infantry Brigade

55th Infantry Brigade

18th Div Art

18th Div R.E.



Forwarded for your information.   ”A” day is June 8th.

This letter is not for circulation but is only for the information of the Officer to whom it is addressed.



D.A. & Q.M.G., 18th Division




XIII Corps “Q”



With reference to Fourth Army No Q.S. 137 of 10th inst (which is returned herewith) the 2500 4.5” Lachrymatory Shells allotted to XIII Corps should be suballoted as follows:-

30th Division…………..  1100

18thDivision……………1400 X


X Includes supply of 4.5” Battery of Reserve Division allotted tactically to Heavy Artillery for Counter Battery work.


W.R. Reid

Major, for

Brigadier General,

General Officer Commanding R.A.,

XIII Corps.

Headquarters, R.A.

XIII Corps,



Copies to:-

XIIIth Corps Heavy Artillery.

18th Divisional Artillery.

30th Divisional Artillery.

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