Letter from Alf Walker 6 June 1916


June 6th 1916


My Dear Nell,

I received your last letter quite safe. Sorry have not been able to write you before.

I am not surprised you forgot the Church Service as it is over 3 yrs since you first came to the Hall. Do you remember the first Sunday?  Well I must say I have forgot the Church Service as well.  Oh sorry I never went then did I?  Still my mistake your never wrong.

You mention we might be sitting in the armchair again before long. That is quite probable as the war is not expected to last very much longer now & even if it does our division start their leaves in August or thereabouts.

Have not had any time to write Bert yet but hope to do so soon as poss. You might send him my best respects in your next letter to him.  You mustn’t let your Mother upset about Bert’s letters.  I should think Bert would know you all write even if he doesn’t receive them.

Well I am sitting in a dug out in the reserve trenches writing this. We came in on Sunday & expect to leave the end of this week.  We get it a bit warm of a night here.  Have shells & machine gun fire knocking around but have had no casualties so far.

Well Dear have no more to tell you. Please Remember me to your Mother & Father & to those round the corner.  Must close with love.

I remain

Your loving



With Green Envelope to

Miss N. Pilgrim,

161 Abbey Rd




Stamped Field Post Office 122. 8 JU 16.  Noted “Ploegstreet”

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