Fourth Army Q.S. 137 2 June 1916

Fourth Army Q.S. 137

XIIIth Corps No. Q.S.73/50

18th Div No Q.P. 13/3


XIIIth Corps


In continuation of my Q.S.97 dated 30th May, the Army Commander has approved of the following amounts of Grenades, Trench Mortar Ammunition and S.A. being dumped in front of Railhead:-



No of Divns.   No per Divn to be dumped.                Total to be dumped

(in excess of normal establishment.).

No 3         3                                         5,000                                                 15,000

No 5        3                             25,000                                                 75,000.




No of Mortars.            Rounds per Mortar                  Total rounds

to be dumped.                                    to be dumped.


2” (Medium)          36                                     430 (70 already dumped                     15,480.

making 500)


3” (Stokes)             72                         200 (300 already                                14,400

dumped making 500)


240 MM (heavy)    12                         100                                                      1,200


(c) S.A.A.


No of Divns.  No of boxes per Division in front line to be dumped.  (This includes present trench reserve and all ammunition other than the 170 rounds carried on the man and the authorised establishments.)

3                                              1,750 (per Division)                            5,250 (TOTAL)


  1. Table E shows the number of trucks which will be required daily. The days of arrival cannot be altered.


  1. The echelons of S.A.A. will be filled prior to the commencement of operations.


  1. Dumps to be made in the trenches will be formed as late as possible and not until the Brigade and Divisional Dumps are completed.


Sd. H.E. SUTTON, Major General

D.A. & Q.M.G., Fourth Army.


Fourth Army

2nd June 1916

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