The Western Front

1st June                Battle of Jutland ends

2nd June                Battle of Mount Sorrel begins

5th June                 Lord Kitchener drowns at sea

9th June                 Allied artillery attack on Mount Sorrel

14th June               Battle of Mount Sorrel ends

27th June              The last victory of Boehlke finally ended the “Fokker Scourge”

June                       German submarine Deutschland reached America



1st June                  Bombardment of Fort Vaux began

4th/8th June           Germans attack Fort Vaux

10th June               Trench of Bayonets

22nd June               German attack on Fort Souville with phosgene gas

23rd June              French counter-attack halted German advance

30th June               French reclaim Fort Thiaumont


The Somme

24th June               Allies began week long artillery bombardment

29th June              Battle of Somme postponed


The Eastern Front

4th June                 Brusilov Offensive commeces

6th June                 Russians capture Lutsk

8th June                 Germany sends reinforcements against the Brusilov Offensive

16th/18th June      Czernowitz falls to the Russians


The Caucasus and Middle East Campaign

5th June                Start of Arab revolt

7th June              Hussein proclaim independence from Turkey

10th June              Turks surrender at Mecca



















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