Archie A. Laporte Payne letters home December 1914

Archie A. Laporte Payne letters home December 1914


On embossed headed notepaper.

Royal Field Artillery,


R.A. Crest

Dec 9 1914

My dearest Mother & Father,


Thank you so very much for your letters and present. It is very good of you to send me those gloves – they are lovely ones and will be most useful.  Your loving wishes & kind thoughts I know I can always have but a birthday I suppose is, more than at other times, a fitting time to express them.  But I don’t like birthdays at all.  They come too soon.  Dr Nostum very kindly remembered me and sent me a box of Bath Buns.  Please thank Maude & Evelyn for their letters.  I will reply sometime.  As you can imagine we are frightfully busy.  I am afraid Christmas will be impossible.  The captain will be away if anybody is – so I shan’t get a look in.  don’t trouble about glasses.  I hope you got my postcard of yesterday.  I have heard from Reggie.  I am glad he is better.  I could not get home over the week end and I am afraid next week will be impossible.  We are one officer short as one of them has left for the front,


Thank you very much for the vest I should like a couple of short pants if they can be obtained of the same material. I am glad Evelyn had such a good time at Bath.  I hope she has quite recovered from her bad tooth.


I see that Vyvyian is gazetted today in the Times to the R.F.A. I don’t suppose he will come here. He will go to some lower division.  I have written to him.


I did not see Mr Tillyers card in your letter. It may have dropped out however.  Don’t send any rubbish through.  The men are rather particular.  I want old Windsors, Strands, Pearsons, & 6d Illustrated papers etc.  I know the sort of stuff some good people think tommies appreciate.


Things go much as usual. We have guns but only old 15 pounders & not the ones we ought to have.  The men have got khaki in our battery now and they work much better.


I am glad Vyvyan has got someone to knit him a scarf – I am sure he needs one!! ! I wish I had somebody to do likewise for me – Oh, I forgot 92 in the shade!


I have got another tunic so I am alright now. I have to get a lot more things before the kit inspection which takes place soon.


No more now as dinner is just on & there is no news to tell.


Much love to you & all & many thanks for birthday wishes & presents


Your affectionate son



On headed notepaper.


Royal Field Artillery,


R.A. Crest

Dec 20 1914.


My dearest Mother,


Everything is alright. Leave, for various reasons which I will not enumerate, has been cancelled until Wednesday next when I hope to get home again.


The train was full of angry officers called up from other parts. I was in barracks by 9.45 p.m.  So sorry to give you such a fright but one must expect these things when on active service.  I hope the Congregation did not think the Germans had arrived.


Much love. Hope you are all well.



Your affectionate son



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