A.A. Laporte Payne November 1914

A.A. Laporte Payne November 1914


Nov 13th 1914




I desire to apply for leave from 12, noon on Saturday, November, 14th 1914, to midnight on Sunday November, 15th 1914.

I have the honour to be,

Your obedient servant


2/Lieut R.F.A.


O.C. 260th Battery

R.F.A. Colchester


Forwarded and recommended

H.F.T. Blowey

Lieut R.F.A.

O.C. 260th Battery R.F.A.


To O.C. 83rd Brigade R.F.A.



  1. Commanding 260th Battery R.F.A.

Returned. Brigade Order No. 145 has not been complied with

  1. Hanna

Colonel R.F.A.

Commanding 83rd Brigade R.F.A.

Colchester, 13.11.14


Monday November 16 1914


“Tomorrow I hope to go into a billet. It will only cost me threepence a day over the amount I am allowed for living out, which is 4/9 per day.


November 27


“We have a new Battery Commander, the last having left for France to join the Royal Flying Corps.


My host’s brother, Major Chopping R.A.M.C. has arrived tonight from Ypres for a short holiday of 3 days.  He has told me a great deal of interesting information.  He says that our troops can only hold the Germans for the present, and nothing further.  The men are worn out with constant marching & fighting.


I see Huntriss, whom I knew at Salisbury, has been wounded.


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