A.G. Richardson’s Diary April 1916

A.G. Richardson’s Diary April 1916


Saturday 1st April 1916:          Rose at 7 am.  Went for rations to Canaples.  On Clarkson’s bike & returned at 1 pm.  Lovely day – Had a “sunbathe”.

Sunday 2nd April 1916:           Went to Havernas for rations at 10.30 am.  Beautiful day.  Went into woods with Eagle.

Monday 3rd April 1916:          Went to Havernas for rations.  On Guard.  Nice night.

Tuesday 4th April 1916:          Went for rations to Havernas at 11.30 am & returned at 3 pm.

Wednesday 5th April 1916:     Went to AMIENS with Jock Hutson on bikes.  Arrived there at 10.30 am & spent a lovely day there.  Saw Cathedral etc.  Returned at 6 pm.  Brought 2 Gramophone Records.  Got lost on way back.  Arrived back at 9.15 pm.

Thursday 6th April 1916:         Rose at 8 am & went for rations at 10 am in Heavens. On guard at night.

Friday 7th April 1916:             Rose at 8 am & went for rations at Heavens.  Returned at 3 pm.

Saturday 8th April 1916:         Went for a lovely ride on horseback with Geof Stead right up to the source of River Nievre at Montrelet, to seek out places for fly-fishing for P.H.W.  Grand time – Saw a heron & Jay.  Returned at 3.30 pm.

Sunday 9th April 1916:            Lovely day.  Rose at 5 am & went fishing with Capt. Walker from Canaples, Halloy, to Pernois.  Nothing doing.  Went for rations at 11 am.

Monday 10th April 1916:        Went to Heavens for rations at 10 am & returned at 2 pm.  On Wagon Lines guard at 6 pm.

Tuesday 11th April 1916:        On guard all day at wagon park with Cecil Forsythe.  Spent a jolly good day.

Wednesday 12th April 1916:   Rose at 8 am.  Nose bled nearly all morning.  Had a day off.

Thursday 13th April 1916:       Rose at 8 am & had breakfast at 9.  Rations at Havernas 11.30 am.  Back at 2 pm.  Spent rest of day in the house.

Friday 14th April 1916:           Rose at 8 am & had ham & eggs.  Went to Havernas for rations.  On H.Q. guard 24 hours!

Saturday 15th April 1916:       On H.Q. guard.  Spent day listening to gramophone, reading & writing.  Went for doctor at 11 pm – him to attend sick lady near our billets.

Sunday 16th April 1916:          Rose at 8.30 am & had good breakfast of bacon & eggs. Went to St. Leger-les-Domart for Capt. Walker for vegetables, oranges etc on bike.  Went to Canaples.  Nice ramble in woods with Tommy Dean & Cecil.  Lovely day.

Monday 17th April 1916:        Rose at 8.30 am.  Went to Havernas for rations & returned at 2.30 pm.

Tuesday 18th April 1916:        Went to Havernas for rations.

Wednesday 19th April 1916:   Went to Havernas for rations.



Thursday 20th April 1916:       Went to Havernas for rations.

Friday 21st April 1916:            x On H.Q. Guard.  Woodrup caught napping at 6.30 am by Lieut Jackson – he was without his rifle on duty!  Both of us put under arrest.  I was held “responsible” – Woodrup had only been mounted half an hour.

Saturday 22nd April 1916:       Went to Havernas for rations.  Brought up before Capt Walker & remanded for the Colonel.  Lovely day.

Sunday 23rd April 1916:          Went to Holy Communion at 12 noon.  Lovely day.

Monday 24th April 1916:        Brought up before the Colonel on charge of “Neglect of duty whilst in charge of a guard”!  Mock trial.  1. No evidence.  2. No defence.  3. Capt Walker never spoke a word in my favour. Stripped – unjust verdict.

Tuesday 25th April 1916:        The Colonel goes on leave.  I made an appeal to H.Q. & made written evidence & facts.  Adjt sees me – he could not do anything until the Col comes back.

Wednesday 26th April 1916:   Signalling with Officers & S.M. Sherman in morning & 1st Sect Sigs in aft.  On guard as gunner.

Thursday 27th April 1916:       Interview with the Adjt (Lieut J.C. Scott).  He says he will do his best for me.  Advises me to have a G.C.M.

Friday 28th April 1916:           Signalling with the Officers in morning & 1st Sect sigs in afternoon.

Saturday 29th April 1916:       Signalling with the officers in morning & 1st Sect sigs in afternoon.

Sunday 30th April 1916:          Church parade 10 am.  Lovely Day.   Nice ramble in woods.


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