T.N.B. Cree R.N. 18 Apr 1916

Midshipman’s Journal

T.N.B. Cree R.N.


H.M.S. MINSTREL                                                               At MALTA


April 18th         This morning I turned out at 8.45 a.m.  I got well through with the charts in the forenoon also made out report on the compass.  I looked up Callaway and lunched with him then went ashore and purchased a cap.  I also hunted for Mudford and took a ticket at Maricks.  A big mail was received and I got letters from Mother, Dad, Mrs. Philips, Uncle George & George.

I went to see Sacre about mess business and sampled his whiskey, met Walker and dined with him.  We afterwards went to the opera, ‘Tales of Hoffman’.  For some unaccountable reason am more struck by the singing than the beauty of the singers.  I suppose they can’t have been very beautiful.  One I noticed had a gigantic *** (she was also in Faust and Mme. St. Jeanne).  Return on board after a buck rarebit and the club.  Borrowed 10/- from wine accounts.



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